The Gear Series: Clik Elite Backpacks

The Gear Series: You see, it can be hard to choose just the right gear. These purchases are investments, and you want to be able to use them for years to come. I feel like I got lucky with a lot of my purchases, but I was also doing A LOT of research. I want to be able to share my first-hand experiences with gear I've come to love, and steer you away from gear I wish I never bought.

This is, The Gear Series.

Clik Elite Backpacks. Where to start? I guess the best place to start is the beginning, when I decided to buy a Clik Elite bag. After stalking so many of my favorite photographers and seeing what bags they used, I thought I would give them a try. I mean, if the PROS were using them, then they had to be good. I purchased the Clik Elite Obscura 30 and never looked back. That was about two years ago. Since then, I've dragged it through muddy running shoots, thrown it in the back of my car on countless road trips, and scraped it along sandpaper-like granite on multi-pitch climbs. To put it simply, it has been my ultimate workhorse of a bag. Despite a scuff here and there (which really only gives it more character), it still performs as if I bought it yesterday. I use every bit of the pack, and always have room for a rain jacket and extra food.

My go-to kit is using two Canon bodies (5D Mark II and the 7D) with the 17-40mm on one and 70-200mm on the other. My 7D+70-200 combo goes in the side entry portal. It's easy to access and fits completely and securely. My 5D+17-40 combo is in the internal lens pouch, which sits high on my back and distributes the weight more evenly. The internal lens pouch also holds my 24 TS-E and either an external flash or an extra lens.

My Gitzo 2531 tripod and BH-3 Ballhead combo fits perfectly through velcro openings in the mesh outer pocket. It can be hard to get any bigger items in and out of the mesh pocket with the tripod attached. I usually just keep a headlamp and thin gloves in there and haven't had any problems getting them in and out, even with the tripod attached. The top pocket keeps my keys clipped in (I can't tell you how much time this has saved me from having to dig around to find my keys) and little things like CF cards, remote trigger, business cards and iPhone all within easy reach.

With all that, I still have the main compartment in which I carry my filters and a rain jacket. When approaching a climb, I have my harness, shoes, and gear in the main compartment with my helmet attached to the four reinforced accessory loops. If I'm carrying the rope, I tie it to the grab loop at the top and, if needed, strap it down with the two compression straps on each side.

Best Uses:

  • Single day explorations
  • Road Trips
  • Approaching a climb, and sometimes on the actual climb
  • Long day shoots

Grab a Different Bag: 

  • Backpacking
  • If you're using a lot more camera gear

Other Clik Elite bags I'm looking at: 

I hope this gives you an idea about Clik Elite bags and their awesome quality. And just in case you're thinking about purchasing one for yourself, I've got a little incentive for you  --> 10% OFF ANY CLIK ELITE PRODUCT WHEN YOU USE THIS PROMO CODE: CEA4910.

You won't regret it!

Published: July 03, 2014

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