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My photographic style has always been heavily influenced by travel. It’s the reason I first picked up a camera. I wanted to share the incredible experiences I was so fortunate to be having. Many times, I struggle to find the words to explain how a certain experience feels, but once I started photographing my travels I could share them with the world. 

My style is very documentarian. I try not to change or influence the outcome of a photo, but rather document what I see. From beautiful landscapes to interesting people, I love to spend as much time as possible with my subject to really get to know them and create more than just another photograph.

I like to travel with minimal gear using as much natural light as possible. At times I'll wait hours just to capture the right light watching a scene unfold. It's in these moments that I feel so grateful to be able to do what I do.

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As my love for storytelling through photography grew, it was a natural transition to implement video into my career. Some of my favorite projects have been creating both full-featured and short films that create an impact on the viewer and have the possibility to create change throughout the world.

In the last seven years, filmmaking has become a large part of my work. I have been fortunate to work on some incredible projects with extremely talented people and on a variety of subjects, working with a small crew or as a one-woman-band. My documentary style in my photo work has carried over into my video work in which I prefer to let the scene unfold itself, using natural light as much as possible. This style has given me the freedom to tell the story as it is, in a beautifully natural way.

Nepal Earthquake Photos of Me 2015-10

Social Advocate

I may not be the most well known or most influential person, but in my experience documenting issues around the world I have become a passionate advocate. From sex trafficking to environmental issues, I seek social justice by not only telling untold stories but through my own personal actions.

My objective is to make this world a little bit better through captivating imagery. The more informed we are as a society, the more we are able and willing to fight for those in need.

I want to support and collaborate with companies and non-profits who strive to make the world a better place. Together we can make a difference, whether it's being a brand ambassador for your socially conscious company or creating a documentary film highlighting social injustice. I truly believe film and photography can make a major impact in our world. So, let's collaborate together.