Adventure Photography: Kayaking on the Great Salt Lake

– Originally published March 13, 2013 –

What does it take to be an adventure photographer? Well, it’s basic really: Bring your camera on a lot of adventures. Alexandre Buisse, author of the eBook, Extreme Perspectives, said it best when asked about one of his most famous photos: “I climbed to 6200m with a camera. The rest was easy.”  So many times we are either too scared or too lazy to bring out our camera. You have a right to be scared. You saved and spent a lot of money to buy these precious toys, it can be hard to justify taking them out in the rain or high wind storm. But you have to remember, your toy is a tool, and tools were meant to be used. You can’t get epic post-storm light without taking yourself and your gear out into the elements. That’s not to say you can’t protect your gear. If you’re willing to do almost anything to get the shot you’ll figure out how to protect yourself and your gear. I most often use cheap plastic bags that were specifically made to go around your camera, and currently I’m trying to figure out if I can build my own underwater housing for an upcoming project. If you keep your camera in your camera bag you are only carrying around dead weight. Use your tools. You’ll realize your camera can actually take a lot of abuse.

The second part is to simply take your camera along with you. I often find it difficult to leave my camera at home, but some might think I’m crazy hauling 5-10lbs of “extra gear” up a mountain, or wonder why I would hassle with a camera while kayaking on a lake. I say, “Bring on the challenge.” I’ve got a vision that needs to be captured! That little bit of weight or hassle is all part of the game. Adventure photography is like it’s own sport. Now get in the game and play.

*These images are from a short paddle in the Great Salt Lake a couple weekends ago. I am currently working on an epic kayaking project that is scheduled to take place this summer. I am really excited to share the awesomeness of this adventure with you, so stay tuned!

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