Traveling the Golden Triangle in India | Agra

I’ve got a lot of making up to do… So why not start with India? After my time working on a documentary film for several months in India and Nepal, my parents came out to “pick me up” and take the classic vacation through Northern India. I had been through a lot of emotional ups and downs while filming. Since the subject was on sex trafficking it was mostly emotional downs. Thankfully, I had an incredible crew I could rely on and talk things through with. My poor parents, though – they must’ve been a little scared of me at the time. Haha! I was a little on edge about everything…

With most of the trip planned, I could just be along for the ride with my mom and dad. Which, was really the best way for me to decompress and see a different side of India.

We met in up Delhi, but we didn’t stay long before we boarded a train and headed south for Agra. The train ride alone was an adventure, and my parents got a taste of the real Indian experience.*

The main attraction in Agra, of course, is the Taj Mahal. It’s amazing when you step inside the walls of the palace, it has an entirely different feel from the bustling streets outside. It’s immaculate. The grounds are clean and precise. It’s still bustling with people but in a different way. The horizon line is empty except for the beautiful white marble building on center stage. It really exceeded my expectations.

Next stop, Jaipur.


*Pictures were taken on a train ride from Darjeeling to Assam and were used for storytelling purposes only.

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  1. That was a once in a lifetime experience and I loved having you as our guide. Your photography always draws me in and I am amazed at how you can capture not only the image but the feeling of the moment.

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