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I can't believe the last time I wrote on this blog was a year ago...for this exact type of post (insert ashamed emoticon). That shows you how crazy 2015 was! And it tells me I need to set a goal this year to get my butt in gear and be more diligent about writing on my blog.

As some of you die-hard followers may know, 2015 was a different kind of year here at Lindsay Daniels Photography. It was full of international travel, long-term documentary projects, and somewhat of a shift in the photography I am used to focusing on. Most of you know me as a landscape and adventure photographer, but sometimes projects come your way that affect you down to the core, enough to even change your vision as a photographer. That's what happened to me this year.

When I was asked to be the lead cinematographer for a documentary called Stolen Innocence, I'm not sure I realized how big of an impact it would have on me and my career. It was a dream come true, and something I had always wanted to do. I got to work with some incredible people; from the amazing film crew, to the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) directors and founders, to the many girls and women who were willing to tell their stories of being trafficked into the sex trade. I'm a big believer in visual media making a difference in this world. I believe a photo can end a war. I believe a documentary can create policy change. I believe honest news can cause people to get involved. I wouldn't do what I do if I didn't believe this with all my heart. I've got a long road of learning and progress ahead of me, but the hope of doing good in this world has made a huge impact on me this year.


I can't really write about this year without mentioning the amazing people who were behind it:

To Casey Allred and Chris Davis, for giving me the chance to prove myself and learn so much along the way.

To my family, for all your prayers and your continuous support in everything I do.

To my fiancé, for believing in me and loving me for who I am.

To Urmi Basu, Smarita Sengupta and Rishi Kant (and all of those working with New Light, Destiny Foundation, and Shakti Vahini), for being the shining stars in the many lives affected by sex trafficking. You are true heroes.

To the Nepal Rises crew in Kathmandu, for answering the call when the people of Nepal needed it most.

And finally, to all of you. Especially to those of you who have started to spread the word about sex trafficking, and to those who donated to to help those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. You saved lives.

As I sit at my desk writing this I can't help but get emotional. I really can't thank you all enough. I am extremely humbled by your love and commitment to others. Keep striving for a better world. Happy New Year.


My Top 10 photos of 2015: 

(in no particular order)

A man splattered in dyed water from the Holi Color Festival celebrations in Kolkata, India, March 5, 2015.


Hajra waits for her next client in Mumbai's oldest brothel, Kamathipura, April 17, 2015. During the day, Hajra volunteers with a local NGO to help prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS by handing out condoms and educating women who work in the brothels.


Family members of a missing girl are shown a photo to prove she is alive and well. Many had to see the photo over and over again to actually believe it. October 10, 2015.


A Muslim man stops in front of the Taj Mahal at sunset. Agra, India. May 13, 2015.


Clean up and recovery crews realize the daunting task ahead after the 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal. Kathmandu, Nepal. April 26, 2015.


Series of photos of a Nepali woman seeing the main part of her city in ruin, Bhaktapur, Nepal, April 27, 2015. Bhaktapur was one of the hardest hit cities in Nepal after the earthquake.

Rescue and recovery efforts continued through rain and aftershocks in the days after the first earthquake hit Nepal. Bhaktapur, Nepal. April 27, 2015.


Wildflower season in the Wasatch Mountains was one of the best I've seen.  It's always good to come back to my hometown and enjoy these quiet moments in the mountains. July 18, 2015.


Bryan Jackman, my fiancé, overlooking our home in Salt Lake City, Utah from the base of Mount Olympus. September 8, 2015.


I was able to spend the end of this amazing year in beautiful Thailand with the one I love. This was not only one of my favorite spots in Thailand, but it is where Bryan asked me to marry him. Phuket, Thailand. December 16, 2015.

I can say 2015 was eventful, if nothing else. It was filled with extreme highs and depressing lows, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Cheers to a beautiful new year!



Comments from the original post that I wanted to save:

5-Jan-16 21:21
Laurie Kyser
Wow, reading this made me tear up a little. You're not only an amazing photographer Lindsay but you're also an amazing writer. Please continue to post on your blog and continue to spread hope and joy and raw emotion through you're amazing photos. I'm grateful I had the chance to meet and work with you this year and I'll never forget our Etihad adventure;) happy new year Lindsay!
3-Jan-16 06:10
Brooke Carter
This is a beautiful commentary of your years adventures. I felt stirrings of your emotions. May you have a wonderfully joyous 2016 as you experience what lays ahead. I'm looking forward to your future documentaries through your beautiful photography.
2-Jan-16 22:31
I felt very bit of emotion with you on that review of 2015. What an amazing and wonderful year it was!
2-Jan-16 16:40
INCREDIBLE! I cannot imagine how affected I would be after a year like that. Never the same for sure! Bless you and Congratulations!
2-Jan-16 15:02

Lindsay Jackman--first time I've said it and I like it!

Great year in pics! You're amazing--XO


Published: January 2, 2016

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