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Journal Entry, December 31, 2017. Sunrise. I went for a walk this morning. After being cooped up in a cabin the day before I felt compelled to get out and explore the beauty surrounding me. The snow was old, but still high enough to fill the space between my boots and my ankles. I didn’t mind, though. I needed to feel nature around me. My little walk turned into an exploration, although I don’t know if I’ve ever gone for a walk that didn’t end up this way. For a moment I stopped and listened to a bird sounding in the trees above me. Its imperfect caws made me love it even more. 

Sunset. Bryan and I dragged the classic Radio Flyers up the icy road. We laughed and reminisced about memories sledding as kids. It was cold, but not cold enough to see our breath, yet. We giggled all the way down. As dusk began, the moon started to crest above the closest cabin, looking as big as ever. On each run, Bryan seemed to be able to go the fastest, and I seemed to be slowed down by every little rock in the road. On our last run, I could see sparks flying behind Bryan’s sled as he zipped past me, again. It was almost magical.

Some of my favorite gear for long walks in the winter (pictured above):
Forsake Boots
Leather Gloves

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