Different Shades of Light


These two photos were taken minutes apart, and although they don’t seem much different there are subtleties I love in both. The first image is compact, warm with bits of waning light brushing the tips of the canyon walls. In the second, the light has faded, but brought out pinks and purples throughout the canyon. And that little bit of sky showing creates a grander feel than the first.

I love catching the alpenglow light on a mountain peak or canyon wall but sometimes the best light is just after the sun has set. The light is even. The deep contrast-y shadows are gone and you’re left with a pure unadulterated scene. This twilight light can cast some incredible color our eyes often miss. Stick around the next time you’re out shooting and watch for this moment. You’ll be glad you did. Don’t forget your tripod, though; long exposures are inevitable in this type of light.

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