Fourth of July, Independence Day

There is something about the Fourth of July that makes me so happy.  Maybe it’s that the average citizen allows themselves to make their driveway a complete blast zone, or that neighborhood streets are lined with American flags.  People are out and about and it’s officially summer time.  I’ll be honest, there have been things that are embarrassing about this country, but when you get past all that is shameful you get the true America most of us hold dear in our hearts.  The America men and women have fought and died for, and not just on the battlefield.  The America that gets up after being knocked down.  The America that lends a hand to a struggling neighbor.  Washington may be the face of America, but the people are it’s soul.  It’s the everyday people who get up, work hard, and take care of the people around them.  Individuals make America great and when the true hard working Americans come together great things can happen.  That is what July 4th is all about.  The reminder.

Saddleback rider takes control of his horse at the Independence Day Celebration at Oakley Rodeo.  July 2, 2011.


Fireworks over the Utah State Capitol.  July 4, 2011.

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