Land Around the Corner

Hilltop View of  Caineville, Utah
Civil twilight had just begun. I crawled out of the bed of the truck, grabbed my gear and headed into the wide open space. What looked like attainable buttes at first, seemed endless once on foot.
 “Just over the next hill” I kept thinking to myself. “I just want to see what’s over the next hill.”
 I was finally out of sight of the truck. The air was warm and still, and the sun slowly raised to wash over the desert barren land. I wondered how much further I could go before my fellow adventurer woke up and started to worry.
“Just a peak over the next hill” I thought again, and I ventured off to see what else lay in the “land around the corner”.
Exploration is just as important an element to landscape photography as your tripod. Getting “lost” in the landscape or in nature can bring out images you never even thought were out there. Explore, get lost, and keep going around that last corner. Happy weekend everybody! Oh, and happy birthday Mom!


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