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It sure was a struggle to pick out my top 10 photos of 2013 (that's why I usually just stick to a year in review video), but when I saw photographer Jim Goldstein's 2013 project I decided to join in. It was a fantastic year of building, learning, and adventuring. I love going back through my photos and seeing my growth as a photographer. I feel like my favorite photos are the ones I've most recently taken, so it was a bit difficult to go back as far as a year. As a caveat, these are my personal favorites. This most likely means you've seen them before. They each say something for me. They each represent a stepping stone or an incredible moment or a story, and that is why these are my top 10. So, without further adieu, my top 10 photos of 2013 (in no particular order):


1. I spent a lot of time as documentarian and support crew for my best friend, Becky Richins, who kayaked the length and back of the Great Salt Lake. I am still working on the documentary and hoping to finish it by the end of April, 2014. This photo was taken at Spiral Jetty, day 3.

2. An early rise at Willow Lake rewarded me with a mother and child moose family. I only had my wide angle lens, so I set it to 40mm and got as close as possible.

3. A surefire storm over the Great Salt Lake had me running to the GSL Marina. The wind and rain were relentless, but I knew I'd be rewarded if I stuck it out. And I was.

4. This year's trip to Mount Timpanogos was full of frustration: My knee was in bad shape, I had missed sunset and I realized I had forgotten an extra battery when my camera died in the middle of the night while shooting the shot below. I'm not as frustrated about this trip anymore.

5. The clouds, the light, and the snow-dusted peaks were all working together on this night at Silver Lake Flat in American Fork Canyon. This is one of my all-time favorite personal images. I think it's the feeling I get as if the mountain is saying, "An adventure is waiting."

6. One of the coolest spots in the world. Nothing can take your breath away quite like Canyonlands National Park.

7. A layer of fog rolled through our camp leaving a frozen layer of ice on the tent and everything else in it's path. This was from that frigid morning.

8. The ocean will always captivate my soul. It will always have a piece of real estate in my heart.

9. I was pretty much done with photographing the Delicate Arch. Then I had the opportunity to photograph it in a snow storm. I like it much better in a snow storm.

10. There are some moments that stick with you, and this was one of those moments.


Published: January 4, 2014


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