LDP Blog One Year Mark

I was going through the blog’s archives and realized I hit the one year mark in the middle of February!  What an amazing year it’s been!  I am so grateful to those who have followed my blog and left comments.  I feel lucky to have this blog and the few followers that keep coming back.  Thank you.  I also feel really lucky to have photography as a passion.  Even if it’s only supplementing my income, until I can break free and try this thing full time.  I hope to bring you even better visual stories in the coming year.  Thank you again, for tuning in.Here are some of the highlights from the last year:

Arches National Park (three times; here, here and here)
Grand Teton National Park (twice; here and here)
Occupy Movement coverage (here and here)
Lunar Eclipse Over Salt Lake
Southwest Adventure (Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Canyonlands, Arches)
Bonneville Speed Week


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  1. Happy Anniversary! Can't beleive it's been a whole year. Wow. I htink you should publish a book so we can thumb through all your pics whenever we want. You're amazing!

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