Location: Arches National Park, Winter

Last weekend I went to Arches National Park on a photo adventure with two of my favorite local landscape photographers: Rob Witt and Conor Barry. I have been a fan of their work for a while, so being able to work side-by-side with them was pretty awesome. We headed down as a severe winter weather warning came into effect for Southern Utah. We weren't sure what we were going to get, but the chance to shoot Arches covered in snow got us excited. Get three photographers together in some crazy weather and some cool things can happen…and some crazy things, as well.


We were prepared to camp in the chilly weather, and we made sure our tents were as strong as possible to take on the weight of the snow. What we didn't take into account was how the branches in the surrounding trees would react to the weight of six inches of new snow. In the middle of the night, we all woke up to a crashing sound of branches falling to the ground. We ended up moving camp to a branch-free parking lot soon thereafter and eventually got back to sleep.



The next morning we awoke to a winter wonderland. The clouds never broke and the snow never let up, but the soft light and dusting of snow in a place like Arches gave us unique photo opportunities all day.

Also, please enjoy the top image of this post as a free desktop wallpaper for the month of December. Click on the photo and download from there. Happy Holidays!


Published: November 30, 2013


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