Location: Mount Timpanogos

The meadow full of wildflowers below the summit of Mount Timpanogos
We finally made it to the meadow, sweaty and exhausted. The hope of wildflowers was met with patches of blue and red below the summit of Timpanogos. We found a spot to pitch out tents and quickly crashed after setting up our beds. My sleep was interrupted throughout the night, by hikers getting an early start (as early as 2 am) and coyotes howling under the moon. My lack of sleep and excitement for the photo ops in the early morning light got me up before dawn. The views were right outside my tent door, so I didn’t have to go very far to get what I wanted. I opened my tent and started setting up my gear when three deer casually walked just eight feet in front of me. The first one heard me and froze. I tried taking a shot, but hadn’t realized the lens cap was still on. Oh well. They probably would have only been a blur, anyway, with the predawn light. They left as quickly as they came and the sun was starting to rise. I grabbed my gear and started scouting sunrise shots with overwhelming opportunity.
Lupine wildflower in the basin of Mount Timpanogos


Lupine in the foreground of the summit
Camping under the moon and the stars at Mount Timpanogos Wilderness Area
The next morning we decided to relocate our camp and head towards Emerald Lake to filter some water. It was hard to put a heavy pack back on and climb further up the mountain, but it was worth it. The area surrounding Emerald Lake offers 360 degrees of beauty. Mountain goat were abundant and wildflowers were scattered throughout the area. We headed to the summit in the afternoon and made it back to enjoy some pasta salad with some friendly fellow backpackers. I soaked a sore knee in the icy glacier water and caught some sunset light on our camp. We packed up the next morning feeling rested and successful and started the long hike back down the mountain.
Mount Timpanogos shelter near Emerald Lake


(Clockwise starting from the top left photo) Hiking to the top, camping under mountains, mountain goat family, Emerald Lake, Lupine and Indian Paintbrush wildflowers, Mount Timpanogos Wilderness
Hiking to the top of Timp


Emerald Lake and the Timpanogos shelter
Moose on the hike up Mount Timp
Timpanogos shelter and our camp near Emerald Lake


Lupine and Indian Paintbrush in the meadow of Mount Timp
View from the summit


Lupine and the Timp shelter


Timpanogos Wilderness

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