Matted Prints

I got some of my prints matted today for the Nature Photography Competition and Exhibition at the M.L. Bean Life Science Museum at Brigham Young University.  I was in a bit of a crisis to get them matted last minute (due to my reading the photo requirements wrong) and was saved by Travis at Tanner Frames located in downtown Salt Lake City.  Travis was nice enough to let me photograph the whole process as we talked about art and politics.  I ran them down to the museum and I couldn’t have been happier with the finished product.  They looked incredible and I can’t wait to see them up on the wall.  The exhibit will run from February 3rd to March 5th, 2012.  I will be there this Friday for the reception at 7pm, so hopefully I’ll see you there!  And if you need any framing or matting done, give Travis a visit.



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