Portraits aren't exactly my gig, but for the last month I've been doing quite a few. I guess with the holidays everyone wants their portraits taken for Christmas cards, and I am more than willing to do my best to accommodate their needs. I love photography, but there are things I love and things I like to photograph. Portraits are one of those things I like to photograph. I've been lucky to photograph some amazing people that I admire and look up to. So my experiences have gone from nerve-racking to casual and fun. I feel like my approach to portraits is more casual and honest than anything. My experience in documentary work has given me the confidence to keep shooting when situations are more candid and not as staged. I think the best portraits come from moments like these anyway.
If you're interested in getting your portrait taken (families, individuals, bridals, studio, outdoor...), give me a call: 801.232.2153. I am willing to negotiate price. Call or email me with inquiries (lindsaydanielsphotography@gmail.com).

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