Road Trip to Eastern Utah

Sometimes you just have to get away. Even if it’s only for a day. On Veterans Day, Bryan and I took to the open road and headed east to the High Uintas where my grandpa grew up. We didn’t have a specific plan, but that’s what made it an adventure. We could stop where we wanted when we wanted and take a detour if desired. The main objective was to explore a new place and to end up at Moon Lake, a reservoir my grandpa spent much time exploring in his youth.

American flags led us through every small town. We drove through my ancestor’s namesake Daniels Canyon stopping for lunch at Daniels Summit Lodge and imagining what life would’ve been like in the late 1800’s. As the road opened to the high mountainous desert, our stops became more frequent. We explored the shores of Strawberry Reservoir before we eventually made our way to Moon Lake. This is where I broke out the drone and had a little fun!

After sunset, we started back down the dirt road to head back home. The light was waning and the deer were out to get their last bits of food before the night. We must’ve spotted more than fifty deer on that little dirt road. They almost seemed to be posing for the camera as we slowly crept back to the main road. As we stared into the edges of our car’s headlights, we dreamed of our next adventures, big and small.

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