Rule #32 “Enjoy the Little Things”

Sometimes we forget about the little things. We can be so focused on the grand scene that the details tend to be overlooked. To quote rule #32 from the movie Zombieland, “Enjoy the little things”. The end goal may be the focus, but those little things can create an entire picture sometimes more powerful than the initial goal. At least this was my experience last week as I headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The end goal was sunset at one of the small lakes in the area. Something similar to the shots I was able to capture at Cecret Lake one canyon over. Maybe a yellow tree here or there, some dramatic storm clouds, but it just didn’t happen. I worked the scene for what it was and still ended up coming up short. It was a beautiful night, but I wasn’t able to capture my vision in the final scene. My images of the hike in, however, were able to sum it up beautifully. I didn’t need to capture that grand sweeping vista to convey the beauty that evening. I often forget this “rule” and can get distracted by the grand landscape. I’m not saying the grand landscape isn’t, well, grand, but it is important to keep your eyes and mind open to the details and “less grand” scenes, too. Sometimes you just need to stop and enjoy the little things.



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